Rising Star Holiday Idea List – Find It

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I am very excited to speak about our gift idea, Find It. It’s one of my favorites to use in ABA sessions and it can be a fun toy for any child! Find It is basically a portable treasure hunt for your kid. Hidden within the pellets are about 40 different objects, and the goal is to try and find each object by shaking the Find It capsule. Watch as objects appear and disappear with each shake! This can keep a child entertained for awhile as they try and find all 40 objects!

I also like this game as you will find it comes in many different themes, for example there’s one specific for Elmo, Dinosaurs, and even Where’s Waldo? This is great if your little one has specific interests that you want to build upon, or if you would just like to have a variety of different Find It’s around to expand on!

Find It can encourage many great skills for our learners. One being turn taking, you can take turns handing off and shaking the Find It tube. You can turn it into a game and see who can find the most items.

In the past I have used this game while working on increasing length of utterance with some of my learners. What I mean, is if one of my kids typically speaks in 1-2 word sentences I can use this game to expand on that average. For instance I may encourage them to say things such as “I see a car” instead of just saying “Car”. I do this typically by modeling my language first, meaning every time I shake the Find It game, I will say “I see a hat”. I typically keep with the same sentence frame, and wont change it up until I feel confidant that my learner is using it consistently (e.g., starting with “I see a” and then moving to “There’s a..” or “I found a..”).

This game can also be used to talk about different features or categories of objects too. For instance, I may shake the Find It game and say something like “Oh – I see something you find in the sky at night”. This allows my learner a chance to think about all the things that may appear in the sky at night. This play idea also helps to keep my learner engaged in the toy when it’s not their turn, as they are responding to my questions. When it is their turn, I may even tell my learner, “Okay, tell me something about the item you see and let me try and guess what it is!” to encourage speech using features and categories as well!

Another great reason why I enjoy this game is because it travels easily. It’s portable and you can bring it with you anywhere. For instance, if your learner struggles waiting at doctor offices, or if they don’t enjoy long car rides, you can take this along for easy entertainment.

Are curious about where to find this game? In Colorado I have found it select Targets and small toy shops around the Boulder and Denver areas. If you can’t find it in stores near you, you may also try looking on Amazon.